Most Comfortable PIllow

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Most Comfortable Pillow

If you're looking for the Most Comfortable Pillow then you will want to try the Emma Mattress Foam Pillow. It is a multi-layered non-toxic memory foam pillow. The layers are made to support your head at a proper elevation for most people and can be used for back sleepers and side sleepers. It sleeps cool, so your head is not sweating, which can keep you awake. If you've been looking for the most comfortable pillow, then read on.


The Emma foam pillow is a mid height pillow, not too low or too high, but that sweet “goldilocks zone” spot. Choosing a pillow is an important venture because you spend so much time (1/3 of your life, more or less) in bed. So having the most comfortable pillow and mattress is a big deal. How well you sleep affects your whole life, how you look and how you feel, and how you perform. Your mind and body need rest and having the most comfortable mattress and pillow help you get there.


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Adjustable Pillow

A great thing about the Emma Foam Pillow (pictured above) is that is not only hypoallergenic (won't cause allergies) but it is also an adjustable pillow. You can open the zipper on the side and adjust the layers to suit your own individual needs and comfort levels. If you're a back sleeper then you will probably want it on the thinner side. If you're primarily a side sleeper then the thickness that is comes in is ideal for you. It is great when you have a guest visit and you have one of these pillows, because it can be adjusted to their own individual tastes and help them sleep well too.


It is built to last too, and is comfortable from side to side. Use it with the Best Organic Mattresses and you will sleep like a baby and wake up totally refreshed and ready to start your day. It is also comfortable to just lay in bed and watch television, play video games, horse around or even for those intimate moments in your life. You will feel totally comfortable and supported by your mattress and pillow. 



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Pillow for Side Sleeping

You can use the Emma Pillow for Side Sleeping. It helps keep your head and neck in proper alignment so you wake up pain free and not with neck pain. I sleep on my back and side (sometimes on my stomach but not for long.) I love it for side sleeping the most. It is so comfortable and contours your head, face and neck so you feel totally supported. Try the Emma foam pillow out for yourself and you will see why people love it so much.


Most chiropractors recommend you sleep on your back as much as possible, but most people, like you and I, probably like the variation of sleeping on your side. When I'm back sleeping I do prefer it less high, so that's where the adjustable pillow comes in real handy. It is very comfortable in all positions and you will love how cushiony it feels. It feels like I'm resting my head on a cloud like marshmallow. You can see their most comfortable pillow as well as line of highly comfortable mattresses too. 

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